Cydia Download for iOS 12.2 - The Complete Guide

Cydia is basically a third party app store which is available for jailbroken iOS devices. It is the same as Apple’s official App Store which you can download Apps and Games which are compatible for iOS from cydia downloader. But this has more advanced functions than Apples' official app store. In addition you 're eligible to free or low cost download unlimited Cydia apps, themes, tweaks, and more desirable things if you installed Cydia on your iPhone, iPad , and iPod touch. The jailbreak community is searching for this tool because Cydia allows you to customize your iDevice in a different way.

As an example iphone only allows you to set a ringtone for incoming calls, however in a jailbroken iPhone you can set a video as a ringtone by using cydia tweaks.

Cydia Download

Cydia Download Installer and iOS Jailbreak

Once your iDevice gets jailbreak it gives you user access to read / write files unless it is locked from the origin on the iDevice. When your device gets jailbreak, the latest version iOS gives root access to your iDevice. Then jailbreak allows you to customize your iDevices’ themes, install disallowed apps and widgets and run your own codes. This is the same as android rooting process, both gives rooting access to the operating system.

Jailbreaking is not an illegal process, because once someone borrows an iPhone, ownership goes to the buyer, once they get the ownership of the iPhone it users have the right to take any action. But the software warranty of iDevices will be void after you jailbreak an iOS device.

Main Features of Cydia Download

  • Tap the Download button and set up Cydia in seconds
  • No longer wait for the new jailbreaks. Cydia Download compatible with any iOS version
  • Cydia Download supports all the iDevice models including 32-bit and 64-bit
  • By installing new Cydia tweaks, your device will get an amazing look that never got before
  • You don't need a computer to install Cydia. All you need is your iOS device
  • With the support of themes and jailbreak tweaks and third-party apps, iDevices can customize in different ways

iOS Jailbreak Compatible Devices

Jailbreak available for all iDevices which runs up to iOS 12 including iPhones, iPods and iPod Touches.


Jailbreak iPhone - There is no actual jailbreak tool for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR. Except those all other iPhone versions and iOS versions are compatible with jailbreak.


Jailbreak iPad - iPad cannot install third-party apps because it's’ less flexibility and the expandability. So jailbreaking is the only solution to avoid all the restrictions and install the latest multitasking features on iPad


Jailbreak iPod Touch - iPod is made for only music purposes, cannot be used to get phone calls and other smart phone features. But jailbreak can unlock some interesting features on iPod

Apple TV

Apple TV Jailbreak - Apple tv also can jailbreak and features like weather slideshows, services like Pandora, Amazon and etc.

Different Types of iOS Jailbreak

Download Cydia Impactor for iOS

Latest Jailbreak Tools

On the market, there are many iOS jailbreak tools. However, choose a safe , reliable and appropriate version for your device. We have listed the best recommended list of recent jailbreak tools.

Unc0ver Jailbreak - Compatible iOS Versions - iOS 11 to iOS 12.1.2

Unc0ver Jailbreak is the latest tool to support iOS 12 jailbreak with advanced features. This jailbreak tool contains features with advanced data security that are prone to error. Pwn20wnd has developed Unc0ver.

Electra Jailbreak - Compatible iOS Versions - iOS 11 to iOS 11.4.1

Another jailbreak tool with Cydia and Sileo pre-installed. Coolstar has developed the Electra jailbreak tool. This tool has iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and Apple TV compatibility.

Cydia Download
Houdini Jailbreak - Compatible iOS Version - iOS 11.3 to 12.2 beta 1

You can Cydia Download and install many applications, topics and tweaks with this jailbreak tool. After jailbreaking, Houdini jailbreak is not going to install Cydia on your device. Houdini has an app manager of its own. It is the same app manager as Cydia App Store as well.

Cydia Download
Chimera Jailbreak - Compatible iOS Version - iOS 12.0 to 12.1.2

Chimera is the most recent jailbreak from the renowned CoolStar developer and hacker. Chimera Jailbreak has been released for iDevices with A12 Bionic Chipset by CoolStar and its Electra team.

You can use the Jailbreak app manager to manage Jailbreak applications, games, tweaks and themes when you have enabled your jailbreak feature. App Manager has many jailbreak tools. The most reliable & popular App Manager in the jailbreak community is Cydia installer. Among other competitive app managers, this is the most reliable and secure app manager. "Cydia" is like Jailbroken Apple Devices' App Store. If you want to revert jailbreak, Yes it is possible just go back to the stock version.

Most recent jailbreaks contain safety mode that deactivates tweaks due to incompatibility problems. So, by using the "un-jailbreak" option on most new jailbreak tools, you can safely eliminate jailbreak.

Complete guide to Cydia Download for iOS 12.2

We have two main methods of using Cydia Download iOS. We will guide you through both. So, choose the best option.

Method 1

Cydia Download for iOS with 2FA disabled

Method 2

Cydia Download for iOS with 2FA enabled

Developer Credits

Cydia Download is a successful application by Jay Freeman who is better known as Saurik. The tool receives updates regularly in addressing the required fixes. So make sure you give all thanks to Jay Freeman for making Cydia Download a very useful tool with supporting flow and given complete free rights to download and use.